We’ve been doing this for a while.

Starting in 1997 as a simple reseller, Centurion Building Services has developed into a robust solution provider for a vast array of clients. From local to enterprise, Centurion has supported every client with the same attention to detail and commitment to project success.

Early on

Some of centurion’s earliest work involved the venerable ‘Digi-Eye’ – a groundbreaking digital video recorder that struggled to disrupt the then-entrenched analog video market. As the world went digital, centurion kept on the cutting edge of hardware and system design, outfitting clients with unified DVR/legacy-analog solutions.


Centurion has focused its efforts on supporting public organizations and expanding its systems consultancy mission. We are proud to partner with clients nationwide and have expanded our solutions catalog to meet the specific and sensitive needs of their mission. The technology might have changed over the years, but our commitment to providing correct solutions and customer satisfaction hasn’t changed.

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